Getting Around Toronto

Toronto is a very easy city to navigate. It is laid out in a north-south, east-west grid with Lake Ontario at the south. It is pedestrian friendly and offers buses, streetcars, subways and above-ground trains to move across the city.


The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is a system of subways, buses and streetcars. A single fare will take you on a one-way trip anywhere in the city. To transfer between different transport lines during your trip, ask for a “transfer” when you buy your ticket. When purchasing tickets on board buses and streetcars, exact change is required.

  • Single Ride:$3.25 Cdn
  • Day Pass:$12.00 Cdn
  • Weekly Pass:$42.25 Cdn


View detailed pricing     View TTC system map



Taxis are easily hailed in the downtown area. Look out for the lit up sign on the roof of the car to determine which ones are available.

  • Initial Rate:$3.25 Cdn
  • Every 143 meters:$0.25 Cdn
  • Each 29 seconds of waiting time:$0.25 Cdn
  • Customary tip for good service:10-15%



For street maps, look for an “infopillar” on the street with an “I” or 15-minute walking map and vicinity maps in the subway stations.


View Map of the PATH   View Toronto’s Visitor Map



A great way to see Toronto is to rent a bicycle using the Bike Share Toronto system.

  • Bike Share Toronto Daily Rate:$7.00

View Toronto Cycling Map   View map of bike rental locations



Ontario’s inter-regional bus and train service links Toronto with outlying areas of the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area and beyond. GO trains and buses regularly depart from Union Station.

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